Scientific awards

 2020 Laureate of the Young Researcher Prize, "Conservation biology" area – Fundation for the Research on Biodiversity, FRB (Paris)
 2019 Laureate of the Roger Heim Prize – National Museum of Natural History (Paris)


2021-2023 Post-doctoral researcher – Wind energy and bats, CESCO-MNHN
2020 Post-doctoral researcher – Study of the spatio-temporal determinants of the activity of bats at altitude recorded in wind turbine nacelles across France, CESCO-MNHN
2019 Post-doctoral researcher – Metadata needed to improve knowledge on understanding, predicting and offseting the impacts of wind turbines on biodiversity, CESCO-MNHN
2018-2019 Post-doctoral researcher – Impacts of artificial light at night on corridor use and flight behaviour of insectivorous bats, CESCO-MNHN & NIOO-KNAW
2014-2017 PhD – Measure and offset wind energy impacts on biodiversity in farming areas. Supervised by Christian Kerbiriou, Isabelle Le Viol and Romain Julliard, CESCO-MNHNDownload thesis
2013-2014 Project engineer – Engineering consultants, Calidris & Latitude UEP
 2011-2013 Msc Ecology and Engineering of continental and coastal wetlands, Angers University
 2009-2011 Degree Biology of Organisms and Populations, Angers University
 2007-2009 BTEC Higher National Diploma Management and Nature Protection, Briacé Le Landreau